Concept and Vision

At ICT Logistics A/S we offer transport and logistics solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients to help improving their competitive position.
We are pro-active, responsible, have a high business moral and promote openness. We collaborate with our clients at every stage of the transport process.
We consider these elements the most important factors in the partnership with our clients.



ICT Logistics A/S is a logistics- and transport company specializing in transports between east and west

We aim to be the customers' preferred partner in our core markets. This, through innovative logistics solutions centered around optimizing customer value. To achieve this we emphasize on offering flexibility and solutions customized to the individual customer.

Our logistics- and transport solutions are developed and operated with focus on trustworthiness and a high degree of reliability.

We are committed to complying with agreed customer requirements as well as regulatory requirements and to implement continuous improvement. 



At ICT Logistics, as a transport and logistics company, we have a responsibility for minimizing the environmental impact from our activities. Our aim is to be the preferred transport and logistics partner in all our core markets, and especially for customers who deem the environment as a key focus area. We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, through continuous improvements, and by complying with all statutory requirements.

The focus of our environmental efforts are:

Partner and employee involvement
Employee conduct and training
Modern & efficient fleet
We are open to new ideas and initiatives which can lead to further streamlining
Measurements of our eco-efficiency and openness about the progress we have made towards a better environment


Ensuring a good experience

Working towards continuous improvements.

Authorized Economic Operator

Our Management System is certified to the DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 standard

Our Management System is certified to the DS/EN ISO 14001:2015 standard

Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability -  Transport assessment report: 87482

Licensed to carry animal feed

Our company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.

AAA credit worthiness

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HAZ trained forwarders

Integration of the Sustainable Development Goals in ICT Logistics

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