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Road transport


ICT Logistics A/S

Trailer Transport

Hanging garment / curtainside / reefer / open / stepdeck



The employees of ICT Logistics have many years of experience with transport on the main roads of CIS, The Baltics and Central-Eastern Europe.

We offer tailor made solutions, taking the needs of our clients into careful consideration, to ensure an ideal outcome every time.

ICT Logistics has a strong and trustworthy network of employees with local knowledge of their areas and how to handle the documentation. This is an advantage for you as a client.

One or two employees will be allocated as your contact person(s) and will take care of communications in order to understand you and your needs.


At ICT Logistics we have more than 600 trailers of various types at our disposal.

All equipment is modern and well-maintained. By continuously checking up on the condition of all equipment at port of departure and arrival we ensure that the equipment always lives up to the legal requirements.

ICT Logistics offer a wide range of trailers such as:

13,6 meter trailers with tarpaulin
Hanging garment trailers
13,6 meter open flatbed trailers
Extendable trailers
13,6 meter step-deck trailers with tarpaulin
13,6 meter temperature controlled trailers



ICT Logistics offer transport of textiles and hanging garment to and from the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.
In Eastern Europe the need for transport and logistics solutions for the textile industry began in the 1980s. Several of our employees have been involved since the beginning.
This has given us a lot of experience working with the industry and has provided us with extensive knowledge of the conditions and challenges when transporting textiles.
We exclusively make use of our own custom-built hanging garment trailers when transporting textiles which ensures efficient delivery, directly from the factory to our customer’s address.