Warehousing & Logistics

At ICT Logistics we offer storage facilities in the sought-after Fredericia area, next to the motorway systems North/South and East/West.



At ICT Logistics we have more than 600 trailers of various types at our disposal.

All equipment is modern and well-maintained. By continuously checking up on the condition of all equipment at port of departure and arrival we ensure that the equipment always lives up to the legal requirements.

ICT Logistics offer a wide range of trailers such as:

13,6 meter trailers with tarpaulin
Hanging garment trailers
13,6 meter open flatbed trailers
Extendable trailers
13,6 meter step-deck trailers with tarpaulin
13,6 meter temperature controlled trailers

We also offer transport solutions perfected through years of experience, and extensive knowledge of:

Transport by rail using railway wagons
Transport by rail using containers on railway wagons
Transport by barges on the inland Russian waterways